Pain and no gain.

This is a drawing I’ve been wanting to post for some time. I don’t have a great deal to say about it other than it’s one of my favourites. This version has a quickly scribbled ground line just to place it on the page but I’m still mucking around with it. I love the sense of fun you get from the riders facial expression and shape of the frame rails. If I knew how to build a frame I’d like to have a go at something like this.

The other thing I have to say on this post should be in way of an apology as it’s been some time since my last post. There is a very good reason for this absence and it’s nothing to do with laziness. Truthfully I have been suffering from a strained neck and shoulder which have combined to make it near impossible to sit at the computer in any degree of comfort, and to periods, during the day and night, of excruciating pain. Normally I wouldn’t harp on about this kind of thing, I’ve had a bad shoulder now for some time since busting my collar bone a couple of years ago. But I will take a moment now to elucidate as this takes the form of a small cautionary tale. My cricked neck, which was the root of all the discomfort was certainly aggravated by bad posture. Anyone who spends hours sat at a desk will warn you of the perils of not getting your sitting position right. What no one goes on to tell you is how important it also is to get your position right when drawing for long stints. I’d spent far too long craning over my work that I’d all but seized up and one morning back in early March the whole lot screamed “enough!” One muscle cramp led to another and before I knew it I was totally incapable of moving my left arm and shoulder. It pretty much laid me out for three weeks and only started easing following some physiotherapy and a couple of good hot saunas whilst visiting my in-laws in Finland. So, to all budding artists, designers and scribblers, please take care and get up every now and then and move about. I wouldn’t wish the same on anyone, ever. I’ve changed my work area around totally and can at least now use the computer, but I’ve yet to finalise how I adjust my drawing board and chair, I’ll keep you posted on that…….



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