If you’ve enjoyed any posts on the blog and wish to contact me directly, you can.

Mail me on: jon[at]tremlett[dot]tv

If you wish to find out more about me as a professional you can visit my LinkedIn profile here.

I am on Facebook, but you’ll have to come and find me.

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,
    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve put a link to your blog on my site and used one of your images in the favourites sites page. If it’s a problem message me and I will remove straight away.

  2. Hi Jon love your work… I have used one of your pictures within one of our avatars.. It has been accredited to you, still includes the copyright and also a link to the site..
    If you are not happy with this please let me know and I will cladly remove it..
    we can be found on Facebook under
    Thruxtonsonly and Caferacerclubgb
    Respect your talent and with great regards

  3. Hello Mr. Tremblett:
    I don’t usually comment on blogs, but your style and approach are so interesting I had to drop you a line. Thank you for your descriptions of your process; it is very inspirational. Your style, at least to me, is such a great combination of realism and cartoon…just perfect. I look forward to reading all of your posts!
    Cheers…Keith in the USA.

  4. JON!! It’s your cousin Jenny in the US. Spoke to your mum last week and she advised to get hold of you through your blog site.
    I would like to email you but it does not go through as indicated in “contact”. Thanks and look forward to communicating!

  5. Hi JON,

    Happened to come by some of your work. Loved your style.

    We’re looking for an illustator to create some illustrations for us for a client’s showroom for a bike brand.
    These would be ambient graphics on walls etc with a concept/story, which will be given by us.
    you’re more than welcome to come up with your own as well.
    Would you be open to a project like this?

    Currently we’re still in the process of identifying the right artist for this.
    We’re looking for a sketch kinda style in colour with black outlines possibly.

    If you can send us some of your work that has some kind of a story, it would be great.
    Will also require a sense of cost. E.g. Would you charge per piece/illustration etc etc

    I’m marking sachin & nikita who are a part of my team who will liase with you further on this.

    Kind Rgds

  6. Hello Mr. Tremblett:

    I discovered your blog today, and I would like to tell you I over-like what you do.

    I would like permission to put one of your drawings on a sweat-shirt which I will use only for private use…..

    Thank you for your answer and keep on drawing and make bikers dream…


  7. Would like tee shirt with some of your artwork hope this isn’t insulting for an artist like yourself I especially like the flying eagle I don’t know if you’re in Europe for where you’re at but that’s the one with the gentleman standing on the bike with his arms spread out on one foot. My name is Doc Sundin and I live in Texas thanks for taking time to read

  8. Здравствуйте .понравилась статья о 3D- пантографе Cheverton .Готов купить чертежи . С уважением Вадим .Моя почта

  9. Hello!

    I really like your drawings. Especially the cafe racer drawings. I have been thinking of starting an apparel
    Business and would love to use your art. If your up for it and we can work something out that’d be great.

    If not, no problem!
    Accept my inquiry as compliments on the art.


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