Drawing Gallery

113_CycleBerlin©JonTremlett2016"Catch me if you can", a biro drawing by Jon Tremlett for Soulcraftcandy.V-Bobber by ©JonTremlett 2014

Sidecar commission by Jon Tremlett at Soulcraftcandy Biker cartoon by Jon Tremlett for soulcraftcandy. Spoof magazine cover by Jon Tremlett for soulcraftcandy ©2013 Pen and ink drawing by Jon Tremlett for soulcraftcandy. Bike sketch in brown ink by Jon Tremlett ©2013 The Bull, biro on drawing paper by Jon Tremlett 2013 The Thumper © Jon Tremlett for Soulcraftcandy 2014 102_Cafe_smoke©JonTremlett2014 103_Nail_It©JonTremlett2014 small water colour 19cm x 16.5cm for Soulcraftcandy. 107_Shotgun©JonTremlett2014


6 thoughts on “Drawing Gallery

  1. You should have hooked up with Dave Hartland he build some truely exciting machines including a chopped Triumph with a hand gear change. Keep well the pictures put a smile on my face. Thanks

    • Hi Roger,

      Many thanks for the encouraging words. I don’t remember much about Dave Hartland other than an odd haircut and beaky features, strange how selective our memories are eh?

      Stay well yourself and look out for further postings.


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